Best fall decor ideas to set up your home for the autumn season

Autumn season is just around the corner. We have come up with some friendly fall décor ideas for you that will cost you little to no money. Also, you don't have to be a craft pro to do them. So, without further ado, let's check them out.

1. Make tree branch coasters. 
You can never get out of ideas if you live in a place that is covered with trees. Carved out tree branches into a round shape. If you can’t do it yourself, then send it to the hardware store for carving. Wood coasters look so lovely, and they also create such a cosy, natural, and homely feeling.
Also, we have some gorgeous handmade coasters.
2. Dress up your door with a pumpkin wreath 
Buy a readymade wreath and then place some white baby pumpkins into the floral part of it with glue, and you would be good to go. Hang it on your entrance door, so your guests would know that you are all set for the autumn season.
3. Make candle holders with pumpkins. 
For making candle holders, you just need some orange colour pumpkins. Scoop them out from the centre with the help of a spoon or a knife. Now place candles inside of each pumpkin. Use different size pumpkins to create a more charming look.
4. Display wheat in an artistic manner 
You can do a lot with dried wheat. An artistic and straightforward way to set up your home for the autumn season is to get some dried wheat and place it into a glass vase. Now, put it anywhere in your house. It will look amazing.
5. Make pine cones hanging. 
It's super simple to make. For this, you need some pine cones, glue, and ribbons. To make it, glue some pines together and then hang them with some cute ribbons, and that's it. You are good to go.
6. Decorate your coffee table with some autumn colour combos 
You can bring autumn vibes to every corner of your house with some creative thinking and simple solutions. Here is another one, get a tray and arrange books that have the autumn colour hardcover. Shred all the leaves from the limbs and then placed them nicely into the vase. Now put that vase into the tray on the right side of the books.
We have some lovely trays. You can check them out.
7. Colour pumpkins in a fun way 
Another way to use pumpkins for fall décor is to colour them in a fun way. You can use acrylic colours to paint them in one colour, or different colours, or can create colour strips. After colouring, let them dry for 30 minutes.
8. Bring an autumn vibe to your dining table. 
There is no need to use only autumn colours. You can create autumn vibes with neutral colours too. Set up your dining with white colour dining ware. Now use orange colour napkins and put spoons and folks on them.
If you can’t do it yourself, we have some fantastic handmade home décor items for all seasons. You can check them out.