Your board has been finished with Osmo wood wax to protect it from water and stains. If you start to notice a dullness or cloudiness to the finish, then it's time to reapply a very thin coat of high-quality food-safe oil with a soft cloth and then buff it gently to maintain protection for years to come.


Do not soak in water - wash your board as usual with a damp cloth and mild detergent and allow air to dry. - Treat with oil every month to sustain the life of your board; this can prevent warps and cracks forming in the wood surface.


Wash the surface slightly with soap, soft damp cloth, use only warm water, and mild dish detergent. Pat dry and let it air dry completely.

Do not submerge any of your wood pieces in water.

Please do not put it in the dishwater.

Keep the piece away from excessive heat and sunlight.

These boards are meant for display and serving, not as cutting boards. While you can cut on the wood, it is not recommendable cutting as it will leave scratches.



Please keep out of direct exposure to sunlight. Even though the resin is UV stable and resistant, it is not proof; yellowing and colour change can still occur if left in the sun for long periods.

If the resin finish has lost gloss over time, rub oil on the resin to bring back its brilliant shine.

Clean with a soft cloth with warm water.

Never use abrasive washing products or harsh chemicals.