About Us

Welcome to Bermor Decor, where passion and craftsmanship converge to create unparalleled handmade decor. Every piece we offer is crafted by hand, a testament to our dedication and love for what we do. Our journey begins in the UK, where we transform the robust, fallen trees of London into stunning, unique creations, a nod to both beauty and resilience.

At the helm of woodworking is Mr Orlando Bermudez, whose hands have shaped wood for over five decades, bringing furniture as distinctive as it is durable to life. Joining this legacy of craftsmanship is Milena, a visionary in resin art, who infuses each piece with vibrant life through her skilful blend of resin, pigments, and inks.
Our father-daughter partnership collaboration is driven by a shared commitment to creating singular pieces that we cannot replicate. This uniqueness stems from the natural wood grain and the mesmerising effects of the resin, ensuring that each creation is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Our ethos is rooted in a profound appreciation for the materials we work with. We combine them with care and creativity to produce works that captivate and inspire. Bermor Decor celebrates the natural beauty of wood and resin, brought to life by artisans who put passion and love into every piece. Join us in experiencing the joy and satisfaction of owning a truly unique piece of art, a piece of Bermor Decor.