About Us

Bermor Decor offers handmade products. Every piece is assembled by hand with high-quality materials, hard work and love.
Our products are made in the UK, from stunning, heavy, robust trees of London fallen due to strong winds.
Hand maker, Mr Orlando Bermudez, offers over 50 years of experience creating unique pieces of furniture.
Resin art Milena creates the effects on the wood pieces by mixing and pouring resin with pigments, pastes, alcohol inks and other elements.
My father and I decided to join our talents and create unique pieces. We can try to recreate a similar one but never the same, and this is because of the wood grain that produces exquisite figures and the unique effect of the resin.
Our main element is passion and love. There is always a great deal of satisfaction when making every piece, as we appreciate the beauty of the wood and resin effects when combining them.