• Our Journey: From Lockdown to Love

    Our Journey:

    From Pandemic to Passion

    When COVID-19 hit, I lost my job with Estee Lauder and needed a new direction.

    Starting an online store was tough until my father, a skilled carpenter, suggested selling his handcrafted boards with resin art.

    I quickly fell in love with the craft.

    Together, we created unique boards, clocks, and coffee tables.


    Positive feedback inspired us to launch Bermor Decor. Our pieces, made from London’s robust trees and unique resin effects, are a labour of love.

    Bermor Decor is a story of resilience, creativity, and a father-daughter bond.

    Join us and bring our craftsmanship into your home.

  • From Fallen Trees to Timeless Treasures: The Craft of Bermor Decor

    Our Journey: From Fallen Trees to Timeless Treasures
    At Bermor Decor, we transform fallen oakwood from Croydon into handcrafted serving boards, wall clocks, and centrepieces.
    We give nature a second life, bringing warmth and character to your home.
    Our Philosophy
    Founders Milena and Orlando believe in sustainability and craftsmanship, seeing fallen trees as masterpieces in the making.
    Crafting the Collection
    - Serving Boards: Highlighting the natural grain, each board is functional and beautiful.
    - Wall Clocks:These clocks, crafted from sturdy oak, tell a story of resilience.
    - Centrepieces Pieces: Designed to be conversation starters, they showcase the transformation from tree to home accessory.
    By repurposing oakwood, we reduce waste and demand for new materials, supporting a sustainable world.
    Join Us
    Explore our collection on Shopify and follow us on Instagram. Celebrate handmade beauty and sustainability with Bermor Decor.